Born in 2005,Ynfiniti Energy is an independent company of Renewable Energy services, providing solutions in the installation, start-up and maintenance of assets.

During the past years, the company has gone through different processes and business stages, with the main objective of contributing with innovative improvements in order to maximize its client’s profitability.

Due to this commitment of service and support to its clients, Ynfiniti has had a strong international orientation, carrying out projects in the five continents, which have promoted its implantation with permanent headquarters in Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Brazil.

In June 2016, Ynfiniti Energy began a new phase with a renewed professional team, where illusion, knowledge, safety and sustainability have been the basis for offering value-added products and services.

Currently, our company has over 250 staff members, distributed among different offices and international projects, all of them the best defenders of the new policy of excellence, trust and quality assurance.

The new business plans are aimed at consolidating mature markets, as well as opening new bases of action in emerging markets.

Ynfiniti Energy

Ynfiniti Global Energy Services SLU

Maria Tubau, 5, 3ºB
28050 Madrid, Spain
  +34 913729287

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